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The Dethroning of Vermilion Von Scaldis

The Immortal of Loch Anneth

Melvin, Lilly, Raspberry Whiskey

Specifications for the Zoocosmologica Deck


Vol. 1 No. 4 (April 2023)

In this issue, the spirits of a man and a horse share the same body, and a dog lover comes out to his estranged friend.

Featuring the stories: The Dethroning of Vermilion Von Scaldis, The Immortal of Loch Anneth, and Melvin, Lilly, Raspberry Whiskey, as well as Specifications for the Zoocosmologica Deck and a few poems.

— — — — —

The Dethroning of Vermilion Von Scaldis: Cahsn held their hand over the block of pitch crystal, feeling for any lingering heat. Finally, to all perception, it was an appreciable deal cooler than the rest of the stifling workshop. With something of a curtsy, Cahsn bent down and whispered the release word: All at once, the black crystalline prism fell to ashes, leaving in a nest of themselves a silvery implement with two tongs and a handle. Delicately, Cahsn picked up the channeler from the heap of ashes. Walking over to the window, they brushed away the soot on a portion of the pane with a work cloth, and in the afternoon daylight inspected the device closely.

The Immortal of Loch Anneth: I fling dirt over my shoulder. All of my muscles are sore. My palms are sore. The joints of my fingers are sore. I awoke last night from a dead sleep with a pang of a memory so intense and precise it felt as though I had been stabbed. It was fleeting as a dream: I knew that if I did not get up that instant and act, I may lose the thought forever. It was a memory of burying something extremely precious.

Melvin, Lilly, Raspberry Whiskey: Last night I discovered that when I get severely drunk, I do not keep secrets. Previously this had never been a matter of consequence, as I had only ever been severely drunk alone.

Specifications for the Zoocosmologica Deck: Please find as follows the specifications for the Zoocosmologica Deck, with notes on the significant imagery and suggestions for stylistic direction.

Poems: Figurine Man; All The Happy Little Animals; Awakening.

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