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Woe Betide Him That Hath A Narrow Heart


Conversatin, Like, Talkin With Each Other About Stuff

Apparently Existing

Media of Unknown Origin


Vol. 2 No. 1 (Spring Equinox 2024)

In this issue, a room has zoo art all over it, and a pair of guys who do vlogs and stuff chat about stuff.

Featuring the stories: Woe Betide Him That Hath A Narrow Heart, Gondola, Conversatin, Like, Talkin With Each Other About Stuff, Apparently Existing, and Media of Unknown Origin, as well as a few poems.

— — — — —

Woe Betide Him That Hath A Narrow Heart: The studio was an abandoned gas station in Nebraska, reseeded with new purposes, the weeds of its old purposes pulled out root and all. They had toppled over the big sign and taken apart all of the pumps, and hung canvases over the edges of the roof overhead of the pumping area to create a sort of canopy tent out of the sort of geological feature of industry.

Gondola: The city then was criss-crossed with canals like the wrinkles of skin on the back of a finger, and abundant in flooded plazas where canoes and swimmers paddled about.

Conversatin, Like, Talkin With Each Other About Stuff: AJ stood at the counter, wagging an imaginary tail and singing a song to himself as he counted the bills from the register into piles of 100s.

Apparently Existing: Lauren woke up with a gasp of breath, feeling everything in the world around her come into crisp detail with the invigorating oxygen like a fire flaming up from being stoked. Trees loomed over her in the daylight, their skinny arms all dancing in the breeze. Dry and dead leaves were crunched under her cheek.

Media of Unknown Origin: Through history, bestiality has at times been seen as a way of worshiping nature and the gods through connecting sexual energies with the gods’ avatars, their animals.

Poems: ghostly i-iii; Awroodrongk; Forward, Forward, Forward.

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