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Sons of Belial


Cheer’s Journey


A Haiku

Vol. 1 No. 9 (September 2023)

In this issue, connectedness is felt in an alley, and a dog lover actualizes his enlightenment.

Featuring the stories: Sons of Belial, Fallow, Cheer’s Journey, and Tiberius, as well as a haiku.

— — — — —

Sons of Belial: Azure licked their partner’s anus, taking in nostril-flared sniffs as they did, creating as wide a cavity inside of their nose as possible for smell particles to land on. Smells were important to them.

Fallow: What do I even do anymore? Anneth thought. She rocked slowly in her rocking chair, really trying to answer that question.

Cheer’s Journey: My part in this matter began on a day that was all around miserable, and I wish, oh I wish, I could say that it did not go on to progress miserably in every instant from then until today, as I sit and reflect on these doings now at the end.

Tiberius: Meg Pittman leaned back in her swivel chair, holding her steaming cup of coffee in both hands under her nose. It was hazelnut, and the smell was always cozy to her. It reminded her of log cabins, antique furniture, overcast drizzling days.

A Haiku: A haiku that was written at the same time period as some other haiku that were included in last February’s issue, but had been omitted from that set.

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