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Hansel And The Secret Of The Princesses

A Letter of Complaints

The Afternoon That Day

The Renegade Jack of Hearts

A Wizard’s Hookah

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Vol. 1 No. 10 (October 2023)

In this issue, a fox eats some pie, and a magical item accurately reveals truest loves.

Featuring the stories: Hansel And The Secret Of The Princesses, A Letter of Complaints, The Afternoon That Day, The Renegade Jack of Hearts, and A Wizard’s Hookah, as well as a few prose poems.

— — — — —

Hansel And The Secret Of The Princesses: On top of a hill in the middle of the woods, there was a tree, and under that tree, Hansel and a fox were relaxing in the heat of the day.

A Letter of Complaints: The model 21-21 is, with the stark exception of three enormous flaws, utterly astounding. When one pets it, it feels exactly like petting a real yellow lab: the smoothity of the fur, and the subtle heat of the skin underneath if you dig in your hand against the grain and press your fingertips in to the skin at the base of the hairs. Every whisker is of perfect placement and length, the eyes are like living gems, the pawpads are at once soft and yet terse and a slight bit ragged around the edges, and when locked around your hips, one has never felt so securely held.

The Afternoon That Day: While walking on a trail through the woods, Prince Bright paused before a bridge to admire everything. It was no wonder the kingdom’s painters were so renown: if they only captured a hundredth of this, they had made something worthwhile.

The Renegade Jack of Hearts: Oh it had been good at first. It had seemed like something out of a story book, or a bad movie. They had met by singing together, for Christ’s sake. In their college dorm.

A Wizard’s Hookah: With an extra big snore, Travin startled himself awake.

Prose Poems: A Lad Insane.txt; A Lad Insane 2.txt or Cyndi Lauper; A Lad Insane 3.

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