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What Else Was There Had We Forsaken The Pleasure Of This Shared Life?

Lustucia Writers Meeting

Talking Around

To Advance Completeness, Some Arguments

Chicks in Space! #101: “Pilot”


Vol. 1 No. 12 (December 2023)

In this issue, a German shepherd is seen to get a treat, and three stable arguments are put forth.

Featuring the stories: What Else Was There Had We Forsaken The Pleasure Of This Shared Life?, Lustucia Writers Meeting, Talking Around, To Advance Completeness, Some Arguments, and Chicks in Space! #101: “Pilot,” as well as a few poems.

— — — — —

What Else Was There Had We Forsaken The Pleasure Of This Shared Life?: “Neeehehehehe,” Jeremy giggled, finishing making a continuous scissors cut all the way across the cushions of the couch in the center of the living room.

Lustucia Writers Meeting: We were standing around in the writers’ lounge, playing darts. Peter had just brought up to Bruce, “How do you picture the balcony scene?” Bruce stood there, dart in hand. You’d believe he was actually thinking of an answer to Peter’s question. More likely, Bruce really had his mind on that throw. Especially with the benefit of looking back afterwards, knowing that after a day of puncturing new holes in the drywall, he then took his time on that one, maybe had something click or, sure, maybe got lucky, but some way or another he threw and got damn close to a bullseye.

Talking Around: “Henry, do you want to show auntie your drawing? Let’s see. Ohhh, wow. That sword looks dangerous. It’s a good drawing.”

To Advance Completeness, Some Arguments: To my dear fathers, brothers, and sons in philosophy, It is known that philosophy is an endeavor in building. To arrive at an argument that is sound, a philosopher must have arrived there by considering his other knowledge at hand and identifying the yet missing fact that is the natural next.

Chicks in Space! #101: “Pilot”: A jet-like space ship is flying through space. Hang on an establishing shot, showing the space ship, and ambient pressure clicks and creaks and air flowing as the craft maintains its atmosphere.

Poems: A Friend; Dog Sex Mattress; Food Court Meal; Afterglow; 10 Years.

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