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False Flag For Funsies

If I Weren’t A Zoophile Skit

Zoo Phonetic Alphabet


Vol. 1 Suppl. β (May 8th 2024)

In this issue, two friends pretend to be zoophiles, and the alphabet is recited in zooish words.

Featuring the items: False Flag For Funsies, If I Weren't A Zoophile Skit, and Zoo Phonetic Alphabet, as well as a few poems.

— — — — —

False Flag For Funsies: Clyde and Melvin shook hands.

If I Weren’t A Zoophile Skit: The chants of each performer are generally accompanied by a little pantomime or dance that relates to what they are chanting. Some performers may have a role where they break from the format in a comedic way, often to do some kind of interaction with the other performers or with the audience. Depending on the number of performers participating, a variety of roles can be used or discarded. Performers may also come up with their own roles that are not listed here if they’d like to! But these are some ideas for roles that a performer may have.

Zoo Phonetic Alphabet: Anima, Bucking, Closer, Darling, Elk, Feral, Golden, Harpy, Impala, Jack...

Poems: Put To Good Use; Cool Dream To Have; Repeat.

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